David Haigh in Huffington Post on Dubai Courts, Torture and UAE “Justice”

Stirling Haigh and Detained International founder and managing director David Haigh was featured in the Huffington Post in January 2019.

The Article, which concludes that the UK must not sacrifice free speech for trade links post Brexit sets outs David’s own fight for justice in the UAE.

The article states “Former Leeds United FC managing director David Haigh was arrested in Dubai…. He was in prison for 22 months during which time he claims he was repeatedly tortured and abused. He said he “faced the darkest ever moments a human never should face”. His allegations are being investigated by the Metropolitan Police War Crimes Unit. He told the Guardian: “The UK still encourages firms to invest in Emirati companies with the implicit assumption that they face fair business conditions. Again, the judicial situation makes it a highly risky country to do business with.”

Read the full article here:


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