Stirling Haigh appointed by British Businessmen Peter Margetts

Peter is a British businessman, currently serving a life sentence for bounced business cheques, cheques which bounced through no fault of his own. After appointing a number of law firms and consultants over the last eight years, which had a disastrous result on Peters case, Peter has appointed Stirling Haigh to work on his case.

Peter, a British property developer, was arrested for bounced cheques, when his investors presented cheques written in advance.
Peter’s family returned to Europe and he is allowed only limited visitations on weekends from friends. Peter has been hoping to have his cases consolidated so that his sentence can be reduced from 27 years.

Peter says he should have left and negotiated from abroad but he wanted “to do the right thing” and resolve matters in Dubai, hoping he would be able to stay in Dubai and turn business around.

Unfortunately, Peter is now with countless others in a Dubai jail where he faces effectively a life of imprisonment. At over 50 years old, this sentence equates to the rest of his life behind bars over a business arrangement, leaving his wife and children alone.

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