There are two different streams of campaign, the public and the private. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, however both can be very effective if deployed by experienced campaigners such as Stirling Haigh.

Media Campaigns

Our managing partners Radha Stirling and David Haigh are recognised expert authorities on the UAE judicial system and have provided hundreds of radio, television and print interviews to the international media.

Sometimes, it can be beneficial for someone in legal troubles or in prison to raise the public awareness of their specific case and where relevant the injustice of it.

We will review your case and advise you if it is suited to a public campaign.  Some cases can be very sensitive and therefore it is essential you seek professional advice before speaking directly to the press, if you don’t a ill-advised public stamen can often have the opposite result to which was desired.

Political Campaigns

In parallel, or instead of, it is always advisable to campaign to the relevant government and politicians.

Our team have raised awareness of various issues with the UAE and Middle Eastern judiciary over the years and will continue to do so, in hope that this influences positive changes. We know the right government departments, politicians, and charities to approach.


Our team have run public and private campaigns on numerous cases and matter. Examples include:

  • Cat Le-Huy Case
  • David Haigh Case
  • Safi Qarashi Case
  • Peter Margetts Case
  • Christopher Renehan Case
  • Matt Joyce and Marcus Lee Case
  • Proposed Extradition Treaties
  • Raising Awareness to Tourists
  • Interpol Misuse
  • Against Extraditions to the UAE