We are a leading authority on defending extraditions to the UAE. In any extradition time is of the essence in responding and getting the right team of experts on board. An inexperienced lawyer and insufficient evidence on an extradition case can lead to losing the case and with it irreparable damage.

Talent and expertise

We are regularly called on by leading international law firms and barristers to give evidence in the English courts to prevent extraditions to the UAE and other countries in the Middle East.

Radha Stirling has been providing expert testimony in the courts around the world for many years, having worked on thousands of cases over the last 10 years at Detained in Dubai

David Haigh practices law in the UAE at leading international law firms for many years. He has personal experience of the Dubai Courts, Dubai Police, Dubai Public Prosecution, DIFC Courts, Dubai criminal justice system and the custody system in the UAE. David Haigh was human trafficked to Dubai from the UK by his former employers over a civil dispute, he was detained in three of the jails in Dubai and tortured, only to be acquitted 22 months later.

The Stirling Haigh team have unique and unrivialed experience in preventing extraditions to the UAE.

In addition to our own experience, we have an extensive international network of lawyers and other experts, who we can rely on. These contacts are selected for their expertise, specialist local experience and reputation, and enable us to provide a full global service.

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