Prison Assist

Our managing partner David Haigh, was himself detained in Dubai jails and police stations, before his acquittal in March 2016. He has first hand experience of the difficulties one faces in jails in Dubai and what is needed in those jails to make your defence easier and your life in the jail a little more bearable. David’s given Stirling Haigh a unique insight and to provide our unique and invaluable Prison Assist service.

The UAE and the wider Gulf criminalise many matters which in the rest of the world are civil or not crimes at all. Both Criminal and Civil matters can result in a prison sentence. It is very common in the UAE for businessmen and individuals to be jailed for a bounced cheque, late credit card payments, a flyaway comment on social media, or holding hands with your loved ones in public. It is also common for the Gulf jails to be used as negotiating tools in civil disputes. It is all to easy to end up in jail when you have done nothing wrong.

Stirling Haigh supports businesses, individuals and their families through the entire legal process, including negotiations, representation in Court in the UAE and abroad where required (eg. Interpol, Extradition).  This is understandably a harrowing and frightening time. We will help you through it.

  • We provide advice & guidance on the jails and prison system in the UAE and wider Gulf
  • We act as a point of contact with the prison and jail management, to follow up on your needs and requests
  • We provide you and your family one  24 hour phone number for updates on your case, your family your business
  • We will liaise and follow up consulates & embassies
  • We have contacts in all the main jails and the central prisons, to make custody less frightening
  • We can provide conference call facilities so its easier for you to contact your families and business associates
  • We can provide translations of documents for you
  • We can even manage or biases your businesses whilst you are detained.