Unrivaled experience, instinct, innovation and judgment. Dedicated to protecting and advancing your most valuable assets, you, your family, your freedom, your rights, your business, your life.

Stirling Haigh is an international legal consultancy, media and crisis manager and strategic advisory firm, UAE and the wider Middle East. Since its formation in 2016, Stirling Haigh rapidly became Dubai’s most prominent civil and criminal legal specialist leading to it working on behalf of members of the UAE ruling family. We provide highly technical pro bono and affordable services. Our work seeks to transform societies assisting them to achieve equity, justice and lasting security.

Stirling Haigh is a multi-disciplinary practice of specialists in law, crisis management, PR and Media, investigations and technology. Founded by David Haigh and Radha Stirling, Stirling Haigh departed from the traditional model of law firms and created the innovate, wining formulae of combining law, international justice, crisis management, Media and PR, intelligence, technology and campaigning with fearless advocacy and unrivaled experience. Our innovate approach has seen Stirling Haigh receive widespread international acclaim attracting some of the most high-profile cases and clients in the Middle East and around the world.

Our international structure provides a diverse team from not just the United Kingdom but the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and United States of America with proven professional experience building legal accountability strategies around the globe drawn upon direct experience in multiple national jurisdictions and international bodies. With unparalleled experience, and a proven record of pioneering legal strategies around the globe, we build genuinely international legal teams with in-country partners to foster and exchange expertise among legal cultures, institutions, civil society groups, and victim communities.

Stirling Haigh is considered the leading independent authority on the UAEs criminal and civil law and its justice and prison system, Interpol and Extradition. Stirling Haigh clients included Fortune and FTSE 100 businesses, world leading CEOs, businesses, entrepreneurs, celebrities, international law firms, charities, NGOs, politicians, royalty and the worlds print and broadcast media.