Miss Stirling is founder and joint managing partner of Stirling Haigh.

She is recognised for her “incredible tenacity” in the defence of her clients and “proficiency” in UAE justice & extradition prevention, and clients have been “beyond grateful with her personal care and determination”.

Radha Stirling’s experience includes law, finance, business and media.  Now acting as a legal consultant, specialising in Middle Eastern law, she has represented a number of high profile clients in multi-jurisdictional and often UAE orienting cases.

Miss Stirling has acted as an expert witness in extradition cases, has worked closely with foreign government and has advised Parliaments internationally.

Miss Stirling’s work has been regularly reported in the local and International broadcast and print media including BBC, CNN, NBC, ABC and Al Jazeera.  Miss Stirling continues with her goal to influence change in judicial systems internationally.

Miss Stirling Speaks Spanish and English.