Stirling Haigh UAE Criminal Law Advisory, tell parents they are at risk of getting arrested if they visit the charged scot

Jamie Harron, 27, has been stuck in Dubai following allegations of touching a German businessman in a crowded bar in July. He is facing three years in a UAE prison if found guilty when he appears in court. His parents, from Stirling, Scotland, now want to visit their son in Dubai but have been warned they could be jailed for speaking out against the government. Radha Stirling, managing partner of StirlingHaigh who is representing Mr Harron, has advised them they are at risk of being charged under the UAE’s Cybercrime Laws. Ms Stirling said: “Jamie’s parents want to visit him during this difficult time. “I have advised them that they are at risk of being charged under the UAE’s Cybercrime Laws for speaking negatively about the regime and that the coverage of this case should offer them some protection.

“But technically, they could be jailed for this crime.” Criticising the UAE government, companies or individuals, or related to incidents in the UAE may be considered a crime punishable under UAE law. And there have been cases of individuals being detained, prosecuted and convicted.

Forbes, Ellie. “Parents Face Jail for Visiting Scot Charged in Dubai.” News, The Scotsman, 18 Oct. 2017,

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