UAE man arrested after alleged SnapChat abuse

In Dubai, UAE, a man has been arrested for allegedly threatening two women via SnapChat. The man, currently unnamed, is currently before the Dubai criminal courts.

The UAE cyber crime law has featured extensively in the media recently due to the differences between The United Arab Emirates and the western world, including The United Kingdom, and people not understanding the UAE cyber crime law.

The cyber crime law in UAE can be very complex, and you should seek legal advice if you are an active user of the many social media platforms including SnapChat, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Posting on social media in The UAE can lead to life-altering fines and even imprisonment. Arm yourself with the facts and what they mean for foreign visitors.

Things to avoid are: Taking photos without consent, posting comments against an individual or company on Facebook, posting ‘indecent’ images on social media, using a pseudonym to converse with another party in the UAE, and much more.

Stirling Haigh, specialists in civil and criminal law in Dubai, have helped many people who have found themselves unknowingly breaking cyber crime laws in Dubai and the wider UAE.

In the event that you get in trouble, Stirling Haigh has expertise in this matter and can help before or after an incident, especially Mr. Haigh who was accused of violating the cyber crime law but later found innocent.

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